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Archaeological Importance of Aurangabad:

While the city has its own attractions and charms, the tourists value is mainly as centre from where the World-Famous Ellora and Ajanta Caves can easily be approached. It is these Caves, which has put Aurangabad on the tourist map of the World.

Some of the important milestones and tourist attractions of the city are:

Aurangabad City Walls

In Aurangabad, Aurangazeb caused a wall to be built around the city in 1682, to save from the sporadic attacks of Marathas. Begumupura was also fortified in 1696. The city wall is terraced and is of solid masonry. It is of no great height, at places not more than 14 ft. The total length of the wall is little over 6 miles. The wall has not been able to survive and lies practically in ruins.

Aurangabad Gates

There were 52 gates in aurangabad of which 4 principal gates faced the cardinal points and consisted of Delhi Gate on the north, the Jalna Gate on the east, the Paithan
Gate on the south and the Mecca Eate on the west. Most of these gates are now in dilapidated condition.

Places of Importance in Aurangabad :

» Naukhanda Palace near Jubilee Park
» Kile Ark near Subhedari Rest House
» Bara-Dari previously Collectors's Office
» Damdi Mahal near Gulshan Mahal

Aurangabad Masjids:

Among the Mosquesin aurangabad , the Jame Masjid and Kali Masjid built by Malik Amber and the Shahganj Mosques are the most conspicuous. The Jame Masjid in aurangabad has 50 polygonal pillars arranged in 5 rows, and connected by system of arches, which divides the building into 27 equal compartments, each covered by the domical vault of simple but elegant design. There are 9 pointed arches in front Mosque.

Aurangabad Sonari Mahal (Golden Palace)

Bundelkhand chief who accompanied Aurangzeb into the Deccan erected the Soneri Mahal in the University Campus. It is now in the ruinous condition. It is said to have derived its name from the painting of gold, which at one time decorated it.

Aurangabad Caves - Ajanta & Ellora

These cave & temples makes a worthy prelude to 'far more' celebrated Ellora &Ajanta. The cave temples of Ellora, listed among the World Heritage sites, are 30 km northwest of the city. The world famous Buddhist caves at Ajanta, also a World Heritage site, lies 166 km northeast of Aurangabad. The Buddhist caves of Ajanta are world famous for their well-preserved frescoes (wall paintings), which vividly depict the lifestyle of that period. For more information click here(link to Ajanta & Ellora page)


Bibi-ka-Makbara in aurangabad , the mausoleum of Aurangzeb's queen, is the main tourist attraction of Aurangabad. This mausoleum is also termed as 'poor man's Taj Mahal' owing to it being a poor replica of the Taj.A small archeological museum is located behind the mausoleum.


Panchakki (water wheel) is another tourist place in aurangabad and it has the Tomb of Baba Shah Muzaffar, a Sufi Saint, near by.

Himroo (traditional cotton-silk blend fabric) factory and Purwar Museum

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